Roku Battles Apple – Game On!

After reading some of the information over at Rftechsvcs regarding the Roku Vs Apple TV, I’m thinking that I’ll say that the Apple TV is better in several ways than the Roku. The Apple TV Reviews that i’ve read so far just werent very clear on some of the functionality that the Apple has, and why its better of people who have iDevices. The Roku 2 XS Review that was on RFTechsvcs stated that it had Hulu, and Apple didnt, but now Apple does have Hulu. I will say that their Roku Vs Apple TV review was probably the best that i’ve read, and i’ve read them all from the Macforums, all the way to CNETs site.

Poetry café teaches kids lessons about language, self-expression

Dear Readers,I have been writing this column for more than 18 months now, and it has been a wonderful experience to hear from parents grappling with the ups and downs of everyday life. Poetry News

Finalists for poetry competition

OVER 5,000 poets from across the globe entered Poetry Rivals’ competition last year – now the time has come to announce the top 100 poets invited to battle it out in the final. Poetry News

A rebellion Putin can’t laugh off

The videos feature some of Russia’s most famous actors, writers, directors, musicians and other VIPs, all united by the heartfelt slogan: “Why I am voting for Putin.” Violist Yuri Bashmet compares Russian leader Vladimir Putin to the great violin-maker Antonio Stradivari, saying that his “golden period is yet far ahead.” One of the country’s most…

Discovering poetry: Dryden’s earthy translation of Lucretius

If cat-eyed, then a Pallas is their love; If freckled, she’s a party-coloured dove; If little, then she’s life and soul all o’er; An Amazon, the large two-handed whore. Poetry News